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Great news! From now on,  you are able to verify yourself via SMS and/or via picture.

With the SMS, you just have to enter a number, which you want to use in future as well. We will never sell the number or grant access to anybody not authorised. No other user will get the number from us. After entering the number, you will receive a PIN, which you enter on the second page. That’s it!
When you send us a picture, the given code should be handwritten on a sheet of paper. Please make a picture of yourself and the sheet of paper. After a rather short time, you will be cleared by the admin team. Of course, nobody besides the admin and his team will see the picture and it will never ever be published by us.

Why do we verify people? – We have asked the users, what would be the best part about myFlirt. The vast majority told us, that the small number of fakes, which provide pictures of other people or use several profiles in parallel, are the sweet spot. We believe, that we will bring the number of fakes further down.

How do I know, whether a user has verified? – If you verify yourself via SMS or picture,  your profile name receives an additional banner, which  tells you, if and how the user has verified. As soon as you see a profile with a banner, you can be sure, that you found a real profile.

In order to reach a high number of verified profiles, we will interconnect it with the sending of personal messages: as soon as someone has registered new, he or she can send a limited amount of messages, before  he or she has to verify. After the verification, the number of messages to be send is limitless. As an alternative for verification, you can also by credits via PayPal and send a limited amount of messages.